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All your dental needs in one office location

At Sonoran Valley Implant and Dental Center our mission is to make a positive and lasting impact on every patient we serve. Our goal to provide you with the highest quality dental care possible at affordable and reasonable prices while maintaining the highest standards.

From dental implants to dental emergencies to root canals we have you covered.

Whether you have severe anxiety from the dentist or just need a cleaning, let us take care of you. We strive to make your time in our office as comfortable and convenient as possible by creating a fun and friendly atmosphere. We know your time is valuable. Our doctors and staff respect your time and usually have you seated and ready to go at your appointment time with little to no waiting.

We make every effort to keep all of your treatment in-house. At Sonoran Valley Implant & Dental Center we focus on implant placement and restoration, emergency dentistry, root canal therapy, oral surgery and general dentisty.
Now offering IV sedation dentistry!

Give us a call and begin your journey toward an excellent dentist-patient experience, a beautiful smile, and a lifetime of heathy teeth.

Sonoran Valley Implant and Dental Center

provides the following treatment:

Whether your goal is to improve on an already lovely smile or you just want to fix a broken or hurting tooth, Sonoran Valley Dental Center can help you achieve your dental goals all under one roof.

Suffering from Dental Pain? Get Relief Today
IV Sedation Available

Call for a Same-day Emergency Dental Appointment

About Sonoran Valley Implant and Dental Center

Sonoran Valley Implant and Dental Center is the brainchild of Dr. Robert Gomez and his wife Dr. Elizabeth Gomez.

When it came time to open a dental practice Dr. Gomez wanted something a little unconventional. While most dental offices call themselves "spas" and "boutiques" with waterfalls and energy maps, the Doctor didn't feel like it reflected who himself or vision of his practice. "I grew up watching horror and sci-fi movies, working on bikes and cars, and listening to hard rocking music - all things I still love. So when it came time to design the practice, I wanted it to reflect what makes me happy." explains Dr. Gomez.

At Sonoran Valley Dental Center you will not find posters of people with perfect teeth shaming you about not flossing enough, you will not hear elevator music playing in the background, and you will not find waterfalls adorning the walls. Instead you will be surrounded by modern decor, lots of music (if you have a request, let us know!), and a super friendly staff in a low pressure environment.

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